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Full Service Pool Cleaning

Full service pool cleaning is great for people who don’t want clean their pool.
We handle everything from chemicals to emptying the basket.
People who buy the full-service pool cleaning usually don’t want to work on
their pool, or don’t have time. Many of our full service pool cleaning
customers are snow birds.

FULL SERVICE POOL CLEANING starts at $74 for 15,000 gallons.
We clean both chlorine and salt water pools.

Full Service Pool Cleaning includes the following:

  • Netting and Skimming the Pool
  • Brushing the Pool Walls/Tiles
  • Vacuuming the Pool Floor
  • Visually Inspecting Pool Equipment and Pool Pad for Leaks
  • Cleaning and Backwashing the Filter Every 4-6 Weeks
  • Testing the Pool’s Chemistry
  • Adding Products to Maintain Clean, Healthy and Clear Water