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Green Pool Cleanup

If your pool is green, Kismet Pool and Patio will bring it back to life.
Our reliable and professional pool experts will clean up the mess, shock your pool and adjust your pool’s chemicals so they are back in balance and safe to swim in.
Please note that the green pool algae cleanup process can take a number of days depending upon the situation.
We will clean out algae and organic debris; adjust the pool water pH and alkalinity; shock the pool; adjust the chemicals; make sure the water is safe; vacuum the pool to remove debris; and leave your pool with fresh, clear,
clean water.

Green Pool Cleanup includes the following:

  • Cleaning out algae and organic debris
  • Adjusting the pool’s chemistry
  • Shocking the pool
  • Testing the water for safety
  • Vacuuming the pool to remove debris
  • Adding Products to Maintain Clean, Healthy and Clear Water