Full-Service Pool Cleaning

Our Full-Service Pool Cleaning is great for people who don’t have the time or desire to clean and work on their pool. We handle everything… from chemical applications to emptying the baskets. Many of our full service pool cleaning customers are seasonal residents or “snow birds”.

Chemical-Only Service

You will save money when you hire Kismet to do a weekly chemical-only pool cleaning. Each week, we will test the pool’s chemistry and add make the adjusments necessary to keep the water crystal clear and in total balance. Our Chemical-Only Service is available for both chlorine and saltwater pools.

Green Pool Cleanup

If your pool is green, Kismet Pool and Patio will bring it back to life. Our reliable and professional pool experts will clean up the mess, shock your pool and adjust the chemicals so they are back in balance and safe to swim in. Please note that the green pool algae cleanup process can take a number of days depending upon the situation.

Pool and Hot Tub Filters

Filters are one of the most important components of your swimming pool or hot tub. A properly functioning filter removes potentially harmful bacteria and substances that could otherwise contaminate the water, sicken people who swim in it, and create undue wear-and-tear on the pool surfaces. Fortunately, you can rely on us to take care of all your pool filter cleaning, replacement and maintenance needs.

Heater Installation and Repair

At Kismet Pool & Patio, we have the technical expertise needed to professionally install or repair any type of pool heater. If you are having problems with your existing pool heater, or need a new heater installed, we will be glad to help!

Pool and Equipment Repair

No matter what type of pool and equipment repair you may need, we have you covered! At Kismet Pool & Patio we have the tools and technical expertise needed to repair any type of pool and equipment problem.

Pressure Washing

If your pool deck or patio is not looking as clean as it should, we can help! Over time, pool decks can accumulate debris, dirt, mildew and stains. At Kismet Pool & Patio, our industrial strength pressure washing service can remove unwanted dirt and debris from your pool deck, and make it look as good as new!

Leak Detection

If you are finding yourself filling your swimming pool on almost a daily basis with more than two to three inches of water, the cause for the water loss may be an undetected leak in your pool. Fortunately, at Kismet Pool & Patio, we have the experience and tools needed to effectively identify, locate, and repair swimming pool leaks.

Pool Remodeling

With years of experience in pool remodeling, Kismet Pool & Patio will repair any damages your pool may have sustained over the years and have it looking as good as new. We can also take a current pool in need of an update and remodel it to your liking and preferences, making sure that the end result is a pool that looks beautiful and has your own seal of approval on it.

Pool Resurfacing

Our experienced team at Kismet Pool & Patio knows when pools are in need of resurfacing–taking the guesswork out of your pool care. We’ll speak with you about your ideas, goals, and budget to provide you with finish material suggestions that will best fit your pool and lifestyle.

Pool Decks, Pavers and Coping

One way to dramatically enhance the beauty of your pool area is to install a beautiful stone or brick pool deck. Kismet Pool & Patio offers a wide range of pool pavers and coping services to ensure that not only your pool looks amazing, but the area surrounding your pool does as well. With a broad variety of natural stone and brick materials to choose from, we will help turn your pool area into a beautiful outdoor living space that can be enjoyed year round.

Salt Water Systems

Proper maintenance of a salt water system can be a complicated process for most. At Kismet Pool & Patio, we have the knowledge, expertise and tools needed to effectively address all of your salt water system issues.